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No Contact Delivery Designers Choice Bouquet in Edmonton, AB | PETALS ON THE TRAIL
No Contact Delivery
Designers Choice Bouquet
Our designer will create a beautiful bouquet to be delivered through our no contact delivery service. Please be sure to include the recipient's phone number and we will call and let them know the delivery is at their door. If you have a favorite color or flower in mind please let us know in the special instruction box when you order. We will do our best to create something special just for you.
Shown at $75.00
Shown at $75.00
Hospitals and Health Care Providers in Our Delivery Area:
Name Address Phone
Aberhart Centre11402 University Ave Nw Edmonton, AB. T6G 1Z1(780) 407-8822
Alberta Hospital Edmonton17480 Fort Rd Nw Edmonton, AB. T5B 4K3(780) 472-5555
Align Orthodontics2603 Hewes Way Nw Edmonton, AB. T6L 6W6(780) 463-5141
Allard Station Dental331 Allard Boulevard Sw. Unit 33 Edmonton, AB. T6W 0J2(780) 244-4777
Allen Gray Continuing Care Ctr7510 89 St Nw Edmonton, AB. T6C 3J8(780) 469-2371
Ashley Barlow Psychological1354 119 St Nw Edmonton, AB. T5G 2X4(587) 416-0660
Baker Centre10025 106 St Edmonton, AB. T5P 4P4(780) 944-9580
Blue Quill Physiotherapy288 Saddleback Road Edmonton, AB. T6J 4R7(780) 988-2222
Boost Psychology1253 91 St Sw, Suite 102 Edmonton, AB. T6X 1E9(780) 628-5446
Boyle Mccauley Health Centre10628 96 Street Nw Edmonton, AB. T5H 2J2(780) 422-7333
Burnewood Physical Therapy Ltd3420-43 Ave Edmonton, AB. T6L 5W9(780) 463-5757
Callingwood Physical Therapy315, 6650-177 St Edmonton, AB. T5T 4J5(780) 481-2293
Canadian Blood Svc8249 114 St Nw Edmonton, AB. T6G 2R8(780) 431-0202
Canora Physical Therapy And Sports Injury Clinic L14924 Stony Plain Rd Edmonton, AB. T5P 3X8(780) 443-0300
Capilano Rehab Centre5832 Terrace Rd Edmonton, AB. T6A 3Y8(780) 466-1104
Capital Care Dickinsfield14225 94 St Nw Edmonton, AB. T5E 6C6(780) 496-3300
Capital Care Grandview6215 124 St Nw Edmonton, AB. T6H 3V1(780) 496-7100
Capital Care Group9925 109 St Nw #500 Edmonton, AB. T5K 2J8(780) 448-2400
Capital Care Norwood10410 111 Ave Nw Edmonton, AB. T5G 3A2(780) 496-3200
Cbi Edmonton Healthpointe710 — 11010 101 St Nw Edmonton, AB. T5H 4B9(780) 229-0174
Cbi Edmonton Wellpoint303 — 1 Kingsway Mall Edmonton, AB. T5G 3A6(780) 757-4922
Cbi Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Centre - Edmont11822 St Albert Tr Edmonton, AB. T5L 4G4(780) 423-2944
Central Park Lodge8903 168 St Nw Edmonton, AB. T5R 2V6(780) 489-4931
Central Park Lodge5905 112 St Nw Edmonton, AB. T6H 3J4(780) 434-1451
Champion Chiropractic & Sports Injury Clinic3 -7115 109 St Nw Edmonton, AB. T6G 1B9(780) 439-9963
Choice Day Ctr & Clinic10530 56 Ave Nw Edmonton, AB. T6H 0X7(780) 431-3901
Choice Program10410 111 Ave Nw Edmonton, AB. T5G 3A2(780) 944-8662
Clareview Family Medical Clinic4950 137 Ave Nw Edmonton, AB. T5Y 2V4(780) 479-1999
Community Care & Public Health10216 124 St Nw #300 Edmonton, AB. T5N 4A3(780) 413-7900
Coronation Physiotherapy142, 14315-118 Ave Edmonton, AB. T5L 4S6(780) 451-6263
Cross Cancer Institute11560 University Ave Nw Edmonton, AB. T6G 1Z2(780) 432-8771
Dr. Tara Dental1109 Summerside Dr. Sw, #8 Edmonton, AB. T6X 0H5(780) 665-3780
Dunluce Physical Therapy12112-161 Ave Edmonton, AB. T5X 4W5(780) 472-8989
Edmonton Addiction Youth Services12325 140 Street Edmonton, AB. T5L 2C9(780) 422-7383
Edmonton Adult Councelling And Prevention Services10010 102a Avenue Nw Edmonton, AB. T5J 3G2(780) 427-2736
Edmonton General Hospital11111 Jasper Ave Nw Edmonton, AB. T5K 0L4(780) 482-8111
Edmonton Physical Therapy Clinic Ltd10179-109 St Edmonton, AB. T5X 4W5(780) 428-6881
Edmonton Wart Clinic16923 127 Street Edmonton, AB. T6V 0T1(780) 476-5522
Extendicare Health Svc Inc13210 114 St Nw Edmonton, AB. T5E 5E2(780) 454-8616
Extendicare Health Svc Inc8008 95 Ave Nw Edmonton, AB. T6C 2T1(780) 469-1307
Extendicare Health Svc Inc8657 51 Ave Nw #306 Edmonton, AB. T6E 6A8(780) 468-7210
Family Physiotherapy ClinicG104 7408-139 Ave Edmonton, AB. T5C 3H7(780) 472-1177
Gerald Zetter Care Ctr9649 71 Ave Nw Edmonton, AB. T6E 5J2(780) 431-3623
Glen Sather Sports Medicine ClinicRm E-05 Van Vliet Centre University Of Alberta Edmonton, AB. T6G 2H9(780) 492-4752
Glengarry Physical Therapy Ltd12131 54 St Edmonton, AB. T5W 3N4(780) 478-1384
Glenora Physiotherapy Clinic LtdB1 Allin Clinic Health Centre 10155-120st Edmonton, AB. T5W 2A2(780) 488-8582
Glenrose Rehabilitation Hosp10230 111 Ave Nw Edmonton, AB. T5G 0B7(780) 471-2262
Glenwood Dental Care West Edmonton16028 100a Ave Nw Edmonton, AB. T5P 4A1(780) 784-2481
Good Samaritan Society4225 107 St Nw Edmonton, AB. T6J 2P1(780) 431-3861
Good Samaritan Society10525 19 Ave Nw Edmonton, AB. T6J 6X9(780) 413-3520
Green Apple Health CareSuite 221, 9148-23 Ave Nw Edmonton, AB. T6N 1H9(780) 485-9468
Grey Nuns Hospital1100 Youville Dr W Edmonton, AB. T6L 5X8(780) 450-7000
Hardisty Nursing Home Ltd6420 101 Ave Nw Edmonton, AB. T6A 0H5(780) 466-9267
Hawkstone Physical Therapy18332 Lessard Road # 206 Edmonton, AB. T6M 2W8(780) 930-1331
Healthstar Chiropractic2843 Millwoods Rd. Edmonton, AB. T6K 4A9(780) 450-8854
Henwood Treatment Centre18750 18 St Nw Edmonton, AB. T5Y 6B9(780) 422-9069
Heritage Valley Physical Therapy Inc201-856 119 St Nw Edmonton, AB. T6W 0J1(780) 989-8809
Home Care1100 Youville Drive West Nw Edmonton, AB. T6L 5X8(780) 496-1300
Home Sharing & Care Inc18731 80 Ave Nw Edmonton, AB. T5T 5B3(780) 487-5528
In Step Physical Therapy12204-107 Ave Edmonton, AB. T5M 4A8(780) 454-5432
Innovation Physical Therapy528 Riverbend Square Edmonton, AB. T6R 2E3(780) 437-5141
Jubilee Lodge Nursing Home Ltd10333 76 St Nw Edmonton, AB. T6A 3A8(780) 469-4456
Kensington Physical Therapy And Sports Injury Clin12620 C 132 Ave Edmonton, AB. T5L 3P9(780) 452-8234
Kingsway Dental Centre652 Kingsway Garden Mall Nw Edmonton, AB. T5G 3E6(780) 474-4887
Kinsmen Sports Centre Phylical Therapy Clinic102 9100 Walterdale Hill Edmonton, AB. T6E 2V3(780) 432-9555
Lash Up Edmonton17232 95 Ave Nw Edmonton, AB. T5T 6P1(587) 524-8772
Laurier House16815 88 Ave Nw Edmonton, AB. T5R 5Y7(780) 413-4712
Laurier Physical Therapy14915-107 Ave Edmonton, AB. T5P 0X8(780) 489-7964
Leading Edge Physiotherapy11160 River Valley Road Edmonton, AB. T5J 2G7(780) 761-1160
Lifemark Health Institute154 Meadowlark Health Centre Edmonton, AB. T5R 5W9(780) 429-4761
Lifemark Physiotherapy303-6430 28 Ave Nw Edmonton, AB. T6L 6N3(780) 469-9670
Links Clinic104 11910-111 Ave Edmonton, AB. T5G 3G6(780) 454-0351
Lois Hole Hospital For Women10240 Kingsway Ave Edmonton, AB. T5H 3V9(780) 735-4510
Long Term Care Psychiatric Svc10216 124 St Nw #406 Edmonton, AB. T5N 4A3(780) 496-7598
Mazankowski Center8440 112 Street Northwest Edmonton, AB. T6G 2B7(780) 407-8408
Mc Connell Place North9113 144 Ave Nw Edmonton, AB. T5E 6K2(780) 496-2575
Mc Connell Place West8720 165 St Nw Edmonton, AB. T5R 5Y8(780) 413-4770
Medinurse Guest Home Ltd4513 27 Ave Nw Edmonton, AB. T6L 3X3(780) 461-4089
Metro City Medical Clinic10419 102 Ave Nw Edmonton, AB. T5J 0B4(780) 429-3991
Mewburn Veterans Ctr11440 University Ave Nw Edmonton, AB. T6G 1Z1(780) 496-7160
Mill Creek Animal Hospital8606 99 Street Northwest Edmonton, AB. T6E 3T9(780) 432-7297
Millwoods Centre101 Youville Drive East Nw Edmonton, AB. T6L 7A4(780) 431-3600
Millwoods Shepherd's Care Ctr6620 28 Ave Nw Edmonton, AB. T6K 2R1(780) 463-9810
Millwoods Sprots Plus Physical Therapy Clinic Inc210-2603 Hewes Way Edmonton, AB. T6L 6W6(780) 466-9900
Mira Jindani Physiotherapist10397 51 Ave Nw Edmonton, AB. T6H 0K4(780) 306-0808
Misericordia Comm Hospital16940 87 Ave Nw Edmonton, AB. T5R 4H5(780) 930-5611
Mount Pleasant Care Ctr10530 56 Ave Nw Edmonton, AB. T6H 0X7(780) 431-3600
Movement First Physio & Chiro6766 75 Street Nw Suite 201 Edmonton, AB. T6E 5K1(780) 752-5788
Muscle Release Massage Therapy6768 75 Street Nw Edmonton, AB. T6E 6T9(780) 903-0866
My Smile Family Dental13510 127 St Nw Edmonton, AB. T5L 1B9(780) 455-6806
North Edmonton Comm Health Ctr14007 50 St Nw Edmonton, AB. T5A 5E4(780) 472-5000
North Town Physiotherapy202 Northgate Centre 9499 137 Ave Edmonton, AB. T5E 5R8(780) 473-1461
Orthodontist Edmonton#206-316 Windermere Rd.n.w Edmonton, AB. T5A 0A1(780) 643-7474
Our House Addiction Recovery Centre22210 Stony Plain Road Nw Edmonton, AB. T5S 2C3(780) 474-8945
Our Online Therapy10937 109st Nw Edmonton, AB. T5H 2X8(780) 258-4569
Partners For Kids And Youth3210 118 Ave Nw #218 Edmonton, AB. T5W 4W1(780) 471-1251
Physical Therapy Centre4225 23 Ave Edmonton, AB. T6L 5Z8(780) 440-9003
Pilgrams Hospice10065 100th Street Edmonton, AB. T5N 3E8(780) 413-9801
Pine Homes Ltd15120 110 Ave Nw Edmonton, AB. T5P 1C9(780) 489-1609
Pleasantview Physiotherapy Clinic Ltd310-11044 51 Ave Nw Edmonton, AB. T6H 5B4(780) 438-4515
Project Physique16923 - 127 Street Nw Edmonton, AB. T6V 0T1(780) 371-9147
Purecare Pharmacy11516 Jasper Ave Edmonton, AB. T5K 0M8(587) 404-6955
Qualicare Health Svc Corp14931 9 Ave Sw Edmonton, AB. T6W 1A4(780) 438-1800
Recovr Physiotherapy1468 Mcconachie Blvd Nw Edmonton, AB. T5C 0L4(587) 488-7104
Regional Continuing Care Svc10216 124 St Nw #406 Edmonton, AB. T5N 4A3(780) 496-7500
Regional Palliative Care1100 Youville Dr W #5211 Edmonton, AB. T6L 5X8(780) 450-7797
Rejuvenation Health Services Inc2051 Leger Road Edmonton, AB. T6R 2S9(780) 431-9623
Remed Rehabilitation Centre LtdHigh Park Corner 217-14925 111 Ave Nw Edmonton, AB. T5M 2P6(780) 451-2244
River Stone Wellness Centre14127 23 Ave Nw #312 Edmonton, AB. T6R 0G4(780) 705-2445
River Valley HealthFairbanks Physiotherapy Crop 1610 College Plaza Edmonton, AB. T6G 2C8(780) 430-9224
Riverbend Retirement Residence103 Rabbit Hill Crt Nw Edmonton, AB. T6R 2V3(780) 438-2777
Royal Alexandra Hospital10240 Kingsway Nw Edmonton, AB. T5H 3V9(780) 477-4111
South Edmonton Physical Therapy & Sports Rehab Inc3010-106 St Edmonton, AB. T6J 5M5(780) 438-0001
Sport Institute Physiotherapy Inc11828-111 Ave Edmonton, AB. T5G 0E1(780) 451-1234
St Joseph's Auxiliary Hospital10707 29 Ave Nw Edmonton, AB. T6J 6W1(780) 430-9110
St Michael's Extended Care Ctr7404 139 Ave Nw Edmonton, AB. T5C 3H7(780) 473-5621
St Michael's Long Term Care7404 139 Ave Nw 1st Flr Edmonton, AB. T5C 3H7(780) 472-4517
Strathcona Physicotherapy Therapy211 8225-105 St Edmonton, AB. T6E 4H2(780) 439-4181
Summerside Children's And Sport Physiotherapy1235 91 St Sw Edmonton, AB. T6X 1E9(780) 466-8676
Tawa Physical Therapy117 3017-66 St Edmonton, AB. T6K 4B2(780) 450-0720
The Genomic Clinic16923 127 St Nw Edmonton, AB. T6V 1B1(780) 476-5637
The Sharma Clinic16923 127 St Nw Edmonton, AB. T6V 0T1(780) 476-7970
Therapist Finder10949 109st Nw Edmonton, AB. T5H 2X8(780) 246-7010
Today's Dental - Edmonton Ab9977 178 St Nw #1 Edmonton, AB. T5T 6J6(780) 489-1010
Turning Point Physical Therapy10708-142 St Edmonton, AB. T5N 2P7(780) 451-8611
University Of Alberta Hospital8440 112 St Nw #2c1 Edmonton, AB. T6G 2B7(780) 407-6854
Venta Nursing Home Ltd13525 102 St Nw Edmonton, AB. T5E 4K3(780) 476-6633
Victoria Trail Physicotherapy180 550 Clareview Road Edmonton, AB. T5A 4H2(780) 473-7665
Wedman House10525 19 Ave Nw #1 Edmonton, AB. T6J 6X9(780) 431-3600
West End Physicotherapy311 9509-156 St Edmonton, AB. T5P 4J5(780) 484-0514
Whitemud Rehab Centre Ltd8 3908-97 St Edmonton, AB. T6E 6N2(780) 408-3115
Mission Ridge Animal Hospital51 Liberton Drive Saint Albert, AB. T8N 5J1(780) 458-3833
Sturgeon St. Albert Hospital201 Boudreau Road Saint Albert, AB. T8N 6C4(780) 418-8200
Sturgeon Valley Physiotherapy - Pt Health31 Liberton Dr Saint Albert, AB. T8N 3X6(780) 459-5015
Casey Dental Clinic#805, 220 Lakeland Drive Sherwood Park, AB. T8A 0A6(780) 464-2525
Sherwood Park Care Ctr2020 Brentwood Blvd Sherwood Park, AB. T8A 0X1(780) 467-2281
Sherwood Park Physiotherapy - Pt Health501 Bethel Drive, #209 Sherwood Park, AB. T8H 0N2(780) 449-0544
Strathcona Care Ctr12 Brower Dr Sherwood Park, AB. T8H 1V3(780) 467-3366

Say "Get Well Soon" With Cheerful Flowers!

Lift their spirits with one of our beautiful get well soon flower arrangements. A fun and vibrant floral arrangement will always brighten their day.

Is someone you know recovering from surgery, feeling under the weather, or battling a long-term illness? Send them a bouquet of joyful flowers in hopes of a speedy recovery.

What are popular, cheerful flowers?

  • Sunflowers
  • Daisies
  • Chrysanthemums
  • Yellow Roses
  • Peace Lilies
  • Daffodils
  • Orchids

Not only do you need to consider the colors of your flowers but also the aroma and size of the arrangement. Hospital rooms are compact. Consider those factors when placing your order.

What should I say in my get well card?

  • Hope you get to feeling better soon!
  • Wishing you a speedy recovery so you can get back to being your amazing self!
  • I look forward to having your light back in my life. Get well soon!
  • Work isn't the same without you. Hoping to see your smiling face soon!
  • Feet better, friend! Sending lots of hugs and healing your way.
  • I'm glad your surgery went well. Wishing you a speedy recovery!

Can I select a hospital for my get well soon flower delivery?

Yes, of course, you can! We offer a list of area hospitals that we can deliver to! Make sure to check what ward your recipient is in, as some Intensive Care Units do not accept flowers.

Don't see your hospital on our list? No worries! We can work to get your flowers delivered no matter the final destination.